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Kellogg CEO John Bryant said the company saw no "discernible" effect from the boycott calls. And though it initially dropped after Trump's tweet, Nordstrom's stock has gained more than 5 percent since then. "Headlines are flying fast and furious. And it will be last week's news," said professor Susan Scafidi, academic director of the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham University's law school. "The consuming public has a short memory and they're forgiving," she added. For many shoppers, factors other than politics are just more important. Blake Wilhelm of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, says mainly he wants something that works well, and he tries to balance cost and quality. "I don't see a reason to boycott some company because they have a different viewpoint than I do," said Wilhelm, 29, at an Omaha mall. Sometimes a latte just a latte. Taylor stopped at a Starbucks at the Allentown mall and it had nothing to do with the chain's stance on refugees. "I support them coming, so I support Starbucks.

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