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Reality Check verdict: Spain sells more goods and services to the UK than it buys from the UK. It is also the top destination both for visits by UK residents and for UK nationals living abroad. A clause about Gibraltar in the EU document outlining the negotiating strategy for Brexit has raised the question of sovereignty over the territory. Over the weekend, former Home Secretary Lord Howard said the prime minister would defend Gibraltar the same way that Margaret Thatcher had protected the Falklands. But on Monday, Jack Straw, the former home secretary and foreign secretary who held talks in the early 2000s with the Spanish government about sharing Gibraltar's sovereignty, said the idea of conflict with Spain over the territory was absurd. He told BBC Radio 4's Today Programme that Spain was unlikely to let Gibraltar get in the way of ข่าวด่วน เดลินิวส์ a future EU trade deal with the UK. "Spain has hugely more invested in their trade and relations with the UK," he said, adding that Spain exports more to the UK than it imports from the UK, which means it has a balance of trade surplus. The most recent figures broken down by country are from 2015. In that year: The UK imported 5.1bn เบอร์รับโชค more in goods from Spain than it exported to Spain It also imported 5.1bn more in services from Spain than it exported to Spain, some of which was due to tourism UK residents made 13 million visits to Spain, spending 6.5bn Spanish residents made 2.2 million visits to the UK, spending 1bn But the UK arguably has more to lose than Spain on the issue of nationals living in the other country, because there are many more British nationals living in Spain than there are Spanish nationals living in the UK. About 132,000 Spanish nationals live in the UK.